The krawlr Hauler project

(older pics are thumbnailed to speed page load)

First buy a big turbodeisel crew cab dually beast:

Carefully rip the bed off.

Reconstructing rear shock mounts. Torch off the old, weld on new.


It passed the E-check today. They just did a particulate test at idle. Not proper procedure but I know it would of passed if done right anyway.


Big fun chassis work............NOT!

Especially in the driveway.

The tilt-wheel finds it's way to the O/R. [Pythonvoice] Start the machine that goes "BEEP" [/Pythonvoice]

It's gotten ugly, tilt-wheel flanges are trashed, parts on order.



A few side shots for dreaming up a "system".


The stretch begins....

33" will be added with a 48" "patch"

I leveled it with some blocks.

Then made some scaffolding for the cab end.

Then make reference marks and cut! A strange feeling cutting your rig in half.


Driveshaft has been sent out for rework and a jackshaft extension made. That's right, 3 driveshafts......2 wheel drive.

A quick shot of things taking shape. You can see the new third driveshaft laying on the floor too. We have a little water coming in the shop when TORRENTIAL RAIN BLASTS THE DOORS! Jeez it rained so hard on that steel building I put my earplugs in.

The completed frame extension back from the test drive!

DSC01864.JPG (30899 bytes)

A little crude drafting work to help determine material needs and the front section takes shape.

The rear extensions.

Yellow= 2x2x1/4 sq tube  Red= 3x3x1/4 angle Green= 2x2x3/16 angle Blue= 2x2x1/8 angle except where vehicle rides, those are 2x2x3/16 angle.


The treads going on and another view of the extensions.


Side. Notice the pretty new brake drums? It developed a nasty brake chatter so I pulled the drums thinking they were rusted. Parts of the lower return spring fell out of the left side, grrr, drum trashed. Got a spring kit and drum at Napa and had the other drum checked because it just looked thin to me. I was right, grrr, another drum.


Rear. (gettin' there)


And on we go.


I'm adding 8" c-channel directly on top of the frame. (yellow) I just didn't trust it. There's a lot of upward bending force right at the bump stop (red), this area was designed for a downward force. (green) Now it will see mostly compression. This will also make for a wider (taller) dovetail in the rear (blue).

Some fenders begin to take shape.

The new c-channels with some cross bracing getting done.

A side view of the "finished" platform. Now all the little details: Lighting, hitch, tie points, paint, reflectors, more lighting. There will eventually be storage to fill in any unused space when the budget allows.


Some night shots using different camera settings and too much coffee. With a pigtail between the trailer plugs, the lighting on krawlr is tied into the hauler for more brake and tail lights.

For the campsites with hookups, central air baby! This system needs some refining, there is no fresh air exchange on this unit so there's a small issue with ......... ummm ........... methane buildup.

DSC01890.JPG (145799 bytes)DSC01892.JPG (151204 bytes)

Misc. details: extending the rear tank fuel lines with the special barbs.

The rear view monitor system. I clamp the cam on the left end of the rear bumper of the riding rig for a nice perspective, works great.

Sitting at home waiting for the radiator to go back in. That sucka weighs 60# (yes I checked), about killed me when I pulled it out.

How about a shower?

Found this sprayer setup at Tractor Supply. Got it mounted up right behind the cab on a treated platform.

Made mounts to use it on either side of the truck.

The big test. Both the pump and the shower head are rated at 1.2gpm so it works nicely. The pump is a "demand" pump that shuts off automatically when the flow is stopped and the pressure builds. The shower head is a water saver type with a built in shutoff valve.

And for privacy, the enclosure. Also used for the portapooper.


Me thinks someone left the droplight in the wrong place.

Fixing various feedline leaks with some Earls plumbing.

3 straight fittings (2 at filter housing and 1 at electric lift pump)

EAR-300106ERL Fitting, Hose End, Auto-Fit, Straight, -6 AN Hose to Female -6 AN, Aluminum, Red/Blue
Braided hose:
EAR-306006ERL Hose, Auto-Flex, Braided Stainless Steel, -6 AN, 6 ft. Length
Hose end at injection pump:
EAR-309106ERL Fitting, Hose End, Auto-Fit, 90 Degree, -6 AN Hose to Female -6 AN, Aluminum, Red/Blue
2 fittings to fit in filter housing:
EAR-982206ERL Fitting, 90 Degree, -6 AN Male to 1/4 in. NPT Male, Aluminum, Blue
Fitting at electric lift pump:
EAR-982262ERL Fitting, 90 Degree, -6 AN Male to 1/8 in. NPT Male, Aluminum, Blue
Fitting at injection pump inlet:
EAR-985065ERL Fitting, Straight, Male -6 AN to Straight Cut Male -5 AN O-Ring, Aluminum, Blue

And the return lines. (green clamps)

Dealing with a worn engine. CDR valve plus an exhaust scavenged RDT.

Misc parts of the water injection going in. Pump and boost switch.

The nozzle tapped into the turbo hat. The switch and indicator. The black switch is for fast idle. I added a float switch to the supply tank to shut the system down when empty. The need for the methanol injection has become not as necessary since the differential regear from 3.55:1 to 4.10:1 (see below) but it will stay for the cool factor.

Home made injector tester made from a bottle jack.

And I decided to do something a little nicer with the gauges.


Here I'm putting new 4:10 gears and a Ford factory style limited slip diff. You can see the design change in the splines with the 2 pinions side by side. The original splines were so worn the yoke just about fell out when I removed the pinion nut, not good. I also zipped out some cooling fins for the cover.

The smackdown list:

(or things it needs so far)

  1. Ball joints (done)
  2. Tie rod ends (done)
  3. Tie rod & drag link (done)
  4. Radius arm bushings (done)
  5. Axle beam bushings (done)
  6. Sway bar bushings (done)
  7. Steering box (done)
  8. Reseal P/S pump tank (done)
  9. Unknown list of A/C items starting with a belt. Belt installed, replaced boogered connector on compressor, it freakin' works! (done)
  10. Find and repair misc. leaks (always fun (roll eyes)) (never done)
  11. Shifter knob (done)
  12. Wipers (done)
  13. Get door locks working (done)
  14. Drivers mirror (done)
  15. Repair cruise control (done)
  16. Speakers for tunes (done)
  17. Swap sat radio out of Taco (done)
  18. Build laptop mounting base. (done)
  19. CB antenna (done)
  20. Repair tilt wheel steering stuff (always big fun (roll eyes again)) (done)
  21. 4 shocks (done)
  22. "E-check" (done)
  23. Build the drive on ramps and hold down system (done)
  24. Rear and side lighting/reflectors   (done) Federal lighting requirements
  25. Plan and build storage
  26. I think I'm going to stuff a window unit through the back of the cab for those camps with the hookup. Hillbilly, yes, but a tasteful hillbilly. (no wood will be used) Found a 5000BTU unit at Lowes for $55, nice and small, gotta make it's new home now. (done) 
  27. Replace high side P/S line (done)
  28. New glow plugs and solenoid (done)

I've also framed up the area behind the front seat into a nice flat level sleeping area.  

I pulled the rear diff cover to change the lube and found the carrier preload shims were falling out. I shimmed it back up to spec and got it buttoned up.

A trip to Tenn. was a near disaster as the left rear dualies decided to come off. So due to parts availability it now has a 3.5" rear brake upgrade, 2 new wheels and tires, and all new wheel studs. I have only myself to blame for this, dualies need much closer attention during installation, a hard lesson.